Amanda Jensen

Marketing Director, Director of Social Media, Administrator

NextHome Select Realty

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About Amanda Jensen

Introducing Amanda, a dynamic professional who wears multiple hats as the Director of Marketing & Advertising and also manages the Listing Coordination at NextHome Select Realty. Passionate about empowering agents, Amanda efficiently handles behind-the-scenes tasks, enabling agents to focus on money-making activities.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys time with her husband Alex and their two boys, Ashton and Aaron. She has a special affinity for exploring local breweries, savoring the vibrant atmosphere and unique flavors they offer. Amanda also cherishes moments with loved ones, enjoying dinners with girlfriends, family camping adventures, and indulging in the joy of reading.

Amanda is an exceptional asset to the team, providing unwavering dedication, boundless creativity, and unparalleled support to agents on their path to success. Amanda is a certified Digital Marketing Professional which shows her With expertise in marketing, advertising, and listing coordination, Amanda is a respected leader in the real estate industry. Their remarkable proficiency is complemented by a vibrant personal life, adding depth to their professional accomplishments.